The 'Elle' in Elle Est Verte

My name is Elle Crevits and I created and run Elle Est Verte from my home. I started Elle Est Verte shortly after moving to Ottawa and discovering the number of people here interested in sustainable and healthy food practices, but this was not my first business.

Prior to moving to Ottawa I lived in Kitchener-Waterloo. While I was there studying Peace and Conflict Studies and Business at the University of Waterloo I started a social enterprise; Food Not Waste. I worked with many local businesses, farmers markets to collect access food and redistribute it to community organizations and folks in need of food assistance. We successfully redistributed over 7,000lbs of food, however the operations weren't financially sustainable and I decided to close up shop and release a toolkit for others to take up this important work. I learned a lot from this venture, of which the number one source of food waste comes from individual households, so much so that the total waste from grocery stores, restaurants and farms combined still does not out weigh the total of household food waste.

I started on a path to change my own habits to adopted a few principles along the way. I started by trying to reduce my food waste, which came down to buying less more often and making a plan. The second was to make more myself and eat less processed food. This stage was hard and I had a lot of bad experiments in this phase but it was the most rewarding when I figured it out. Phase three was simplifying my pantry and going near-zero-waste. I love sharing with people what I have learned through this process, and frankly, I wish there had been more resources for me.

So that's my story, I am not a professionally trained cook, which sometimes makes me easier to learn from. My approach is practicality first, if it doesn't fit into your lifestyle than its not going to be a sustainable change, my teaching method reflects that and I always teach you to use what you already have.

- Elle

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