Elle Est Verte

Simple, From Scratch, Homemade Food Workshops.

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What We Offer

Sourdough Bread

An introductory class designed for aspiring sourdough bread makers. I will teach you how to care and maintain a sourdough starter, provide you with instructions to take home as well as your very own sourdough starter. Most importantly, we will make and break bread together!


This is a brand new series where Elle makes a loaf of sourdough bread and offers up thoughts about the food systems. With topics ranging from soil to potlucks there are lots of fresh suggestions on ways that we can have a better relationship with food by changing the way we thinking about and engage with the food system. Fresh new videos every Friday. #foodforthoughtfriday

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Slow Food

Knowing what is healthy these days can be challenging. My hope is to teach you a few different and delicious things that you can make at home with just a few ingredients.

I always try to make things simply and practically.

I am a big believer in fermented foods and in preserving the seasonal harvest through either fermenting or canning.